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Home Diaries is a collection of images taken during lockdown between March & June, when we were told to stay at home.


The project came about as a coping mechanism when the days and weeks stretched ahead of us with little distinction between Monday and Saturday and little contact except the four of us.

I count my blessings that lockdown, for us, was a pretty good time. We enjoyed the slower pace of life and the extra time together as a family although we had to work on keeping our minds level and our patience in tact. I know that for some this period wasn't all rainbows and Joe Wicks.

When I look back on this project, most of which you can see here, I smile. The new routines we made, the adaptations to normal life, the home learning, the recipes tried and the countless pictures coloured. On our first weekend we made a dance floor in the living room at two in the afternoon and cracked open the gin. We invested in a new paddling pool for the balmy weather April & May brought us. We cooked our first Easter roast dinner and celebrated our wedding anniversary with fish & chips and borrowed ketchup because ours ran out and we couldn't be bothered to face the queues at Tesco.

So enjoy. I hope you find some similarities in your own lockdown routine and above all you find a picture and a memory to smile about. The time we all stayed at home.

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