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While the pandemic hid many away in their homes, it also revealed the characters that reside behind the old bricks and shop fronts. The nurses, funeral workers, shop assistants and teachers who hadn’t stopped but paused for a moment on their steps before heading back out again. The civil servants, IT workers and York Makers who kept the wheels turning behind their own doors. The workers told to stay home, don’t work and figure out a new routine. And those with skills who offered them for free, those who just offered time, or a bike, a car or a friendly face.


From Justine and her food bank, to Steve the Darth Vader, I met and photographed around 112 households for my Doorstep Portrait project. The sole purpose was to document York during lockdown; to show the residents, workers and volunteers behind the doorways. I travelled on foot during daily exercise, by bike across the racecourse and by car to reach those to the north, west and east of me. And almost always with my boys in tow. I photographed food deliveries, birthday celebrations and a Bishy Road singalong which got Instagram love from The Beatles themselves.

When I reflect over the full collection I am really proud of the picture painted. The mums and daughters, the friends, the couples, those flying solo, the families of three, four and five. The dogs, cats, chickens and guinea pigs. I hope it gives a snapshot of who we are. We’re a small city but a city built of compassion, understanding, love and rainbows.

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