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I was delighted to be one of a handful of local photographers who covered the week- long events for this year's York Design Week, which looks to ''explore a new collabarative, inter- perspective narrative for our city.'' The week involves a series of design led events, open to the public, encouraging participants to ask questions of ourselves and the way we live, why things are the way they are, and could their be a more positive way of doing it?

I spent a morning with the organisers of A Place for Me, which looked to co- create a blueprint for transition accommodation, and photographed the brainstorming session between residents with experience of the accommodation. The majority of the images here feature this session.


Another project was Alphabet Illuminate, which was on display in the Museum Gardens, and involved twenty six local creatives throwing their own spin on a font inspired by the UK's last wood type manufacturer, based in York. You can see the images from this project, and the letter I photographed for Graphic Designer Laura Sanderson, towards the end of this collection here.


My portraits for two of the Your Shoes participants are at the end of this collection. With this project, several York residents created their own trail of this familiar city to throw a different perspective for the walker, depending on their experiences of living here.

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